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Every Loan begins with a complete application, please follow the links below or call me to get started...

Applying for your loan begins with a complete application, verified with source documents, and then ordering your credit report, before submitting it to Underwriting

These are the most common source documents:

  1. Tax Returns or irs.gov tax transcripts for 2020 & 2021, personal and business if applicable, all pages, all schedules please. Even if you declared very little on your tax returns, we can still get you approved with Alternative documentation if needed...

  2. Income for 2022:

    • If self-employed: Latest 3-month bank stmts. and verification of business active.

    • If a W-2 employee: then the latest 30-days of pay stubs will do

  3. Bank Statements: most recent 2-months if a W-2 employee.

  4. ID: two forms, usually driver's license and social security.

  5. Application: please start your application online or over the phone by calling me.